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Cancer originating from cells of the thyroid gland. The four types - based on their appearance - are called papillary, follicular, medullary and anaplastic thyroid cancer.

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# Code Product Species Product Area Clone
1IR056Thyroid Transcription Factor (TTF-1)Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Autostainer Link Solution for IHC8G7G3/1
2IS056Thyroid Transcription Factor (TTF-1)Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Autostainer Plus for IHC8G7G3/1
3M7257Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO)Monoclonal Mouse Anti-HumanImmunohistochemistryMoAb47
4IS509ThyroglobulinPolyclonal Rabbit Anti-HumanAutostainer Plus for IHC-
5IR509ThyroglobulinPolyclonal Rabbit Anti-HumanAutostainer Link Solution for IHC-
6M3575, IR056...Thyroid Transcription Factor (TTF-1)Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Immunohistochemistry8G7G3/1
7IS515CalcitoninPolyclonal Rabbit Anti-HumanAutostainer Plus for IHC-
8IR515CalcitoninPolyclonal Rabbit Anti-HumanAutostainer Link Solution for IHC-
9A0251ThyroglobulinPolyclonal Rabbit Anti-HumanImmunohistochemistry-
10A0576, IR515...CalcitoninPolyclonal Rabbit Anti-HumanImmunohistochemistry-

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