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Connection is a free scientific magazine that contains articles from key opinion leaders in the field of pathology.

Connection 15 - HER2 and Gastric Cancer

HER2 in Gastric Cancer - Connection 15

This issue of Connection is especially dedicated to inform and update both the practitioners and observers about the the emerging use of Trastuzumab® in gastric cancer, pharmaco-diagnostics, and the salient differences between breast and gastric cancer HER2 testing.

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Special Stains and H&E - Connection 14

Dedicated to "Special Stains and H&E", This volume includes topics that relate to history, technical details of staining mechanisms, applications of special stains and H&E, technology overview, users' perspectives, and troubleshooting and technical tips.

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Molecular Pathology - Connection 13

Dedicated to broad applications of molecular pathology. This issue includes a new section called “Ask the Experts” aimed at addressing some common questions with respect to newer techniques in anatomic pathology. An entire section is devoted to breast cancer, including molecular diagnostics and classifications.

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Pharmacodiagnostics - Connection 12

Discusses the topic of pharmacodiagnostics used to describe “a pre-treatment measurement performed to aid in the assessment of whether a patient is likely to respond to a given drug or not”.

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Supplement to Immunohistochemistry Standardization - Connection 11

A supplement to Vol. 10. Includes profiles, interviews, opinions, articles and Q&As with pathologists from nine countries around the world.

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Immunohistochemistry Standardization - Connection 10

Special issue on immunohistochemistry standardization. This issue describes some of the recommendations made by the ad hoc Committee on Immunohistochemistry Standardization. (Goldstein NS, et al. Recommendations for improved standardization of immunohistochemistry. Appl Immunochem Mol Morphol 2007;15:2;124-133).

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ER/PR, Image Analysis, HER2/neu

Deals with 4 main topics: ER/PR - Prognostic and Predictive Factors in Breast Cancer by Immunohistochemistry; Image Analysis - A Tool to Complement Pathologists; HER2/neu - Key Biomarker in Guiding Personalized Therapy; Estrogen Receptor Beta - The "New” Estrogen Receptor Implicated in Breast Cancer and, finally, FISH - Development of pharmDx Tests for Molecular Targeted Therapies.

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