Special Stains and H&E Education Guide

This Guide leads you through fixation, tissue processing and the different staining methods.

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Special Stains Divided into Chapters

All articles that have been brought in Special Stains Education Guide are available below:

Chapter 1:   Introduction to Special Stains

Chapter 2:   General Oversight Stains for Histology and Histopathology

Chapter 3:   Studying Histological Changes in Breast Tissue with Menstrual Cycle using H&E Staining

Chapter 4:    Evolution of Use of Special Stains

Chapter 5:    Dye Quality and Implications for Biomedical Staining

Chapter 6:    Standardization and Standards for Dyes and Stains Used in Biology and Medicine

Chapter 7:    Pigments and Minerals

Chapter 8:    Staining Sections of the Central Nervous System

Chapter 9:    Carbohydrate Histochemistry

Chapter 10:  Mastering the Trichrome Stain

Chapter 11:  Role of Special Histochemical Stains in Staining Microorganisms

Chapter 12:  Special Stains in Interpretation of Liver Biopsies

Chapter 13:  H&E Staining: Oversight and Insights

Chapter 14:  Microscopy and Special Stains

Chapter 15:  Microscopic Quality Control of Hematoxylin and Eosin – Know your Histology

Chapter 16:  Fixation and Tissue Processing

Chapter 17:  “Special Stains” – Influence of Dye Chemistry on Staining

Chapter 18:  How Do Dyes Impart Color to Different Components of the Tissues?

Chapter 19:  On Chemical Reactions and Staining Mechanisms

Chapter 20:  H&E Staining

Chapter 21:  Biological Microtechniques

Chapter 22:  What are the Special Stains used in Neuropathology?

Chapter 23:  Special Stains in Dermatopathology

Chapter 24:  Special Stains in Native and Transplant Kidney Biopsy Interpretation

Chapter 25:  Urine Cytologic Analysis: Special Techniques for Bladder Cancer Detection

Chapter 26:  Renal Neoplasms: An Update on IHC and Histochemical Features

Chapter 27:  Special Stains Use in Fungal Infections

Chapter 28:  Special Techniques Applied to Bone Marrow Biopsies in the Diagnosis of Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Chapter 29:  The Evolution of the Artisan™ Special Stains Instrument

Chapter 30:  Tissue Microarray Technology as a New Approach for Quality Control with ArtisanLink

Chapter 31:  Automating Special Stains using Artisan™ and ArtisanLink Special Staining System

Chapter 32:  Troubleshooting Procedure for ArtisanLink Special Staining System

Chapter 33:  Tips on using the ArtisanLink Special Staining System

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