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Classically, to standardize means to compare with or conform an assay of unknowns to established standards. In quantitative analytical work numbers readily allow for conforming to such standards. In semi-quantitative or qualitative assays such as immunohistochemistry, which frequently conclude with an opinion, only subjective comparisons to carefully selected tissue and reagent controls can be used to monitor and maintain excellence.

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1Article Pre-Treatment Modules:An Advancement in Standardised ... Page 1. | Connection 2007 15 Article David S. Gray Derek Selbie BSc (HONS), MSc, CSci, FIBMS Ryan F. Cooper BSc, MSc, AIBMS Department ...
2Connection 10 - Inverview: Standardization of Image Analysis in ... Page 1. | Connection 2007 11 “ Without standardization the use of image analysis in diagnostic pathology is inconsistent... ” ...
3Connection 10 - Interview and Opinion (pdf)Page 1. | Connection 2007 19 On the impact of automation in IHC standardization. Welcher: Our customers have seen the benefits of ...
4“ ”Page 1. Connection: What constitutes standardization in an anatomic pathology lab? T. Boenisch: Although I have used the word “standardization ...
5Connection 10 - Profile of Experts (pdf)Page 1. Connection In this issue Q & A with the Pathologists on Immunohistochemistry Standardization Profiles, interviews, opinion and articles ...

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