Acid-Fast Bacteria (AFB) Stain Kit, Artisan

Acid-Fast Bacillus (AFB) Stain Kit is intended to identify acid-fast bacteria, such as Mycobacterium, in tissue sections on the Artisan Link and Artisan Link Pro Staining Systems.

Application of Carbol Fuchsin stains acid-fast bacteria red, followed by decolorization of all tissue elements except the acid-fast bacteria. A Methylene Blue counterstain is then applied to impart a blue color to all background tissue elements.

Colon stained with AFB, Code AR162.

Acid-fast bacteria: Varying shades of red
Background: Light blue

Intended to identify acid-fast bacteria.

Disclaimer: Due to variances among color computer monitors, the colors you see on your screen may not be the exact colors of the stain. The image you see should be considered close renditions to the actual stain.

  • Optimized staining performance with standardized and validated protocols
  • Total automated staining process achieved with onboard drying and deparaffinization
  • Fresh reagents dispensed on every slide using the precision dispensing of reagents in sealed, ready-to-use cartridges
  • Exceptional staining consistency from a reliable, proven and fully automated instrument
Make performing special stains stress free with onboard drying and deparaffinization, an extensive menu of automated stains, and an optimized workflow. Check the Atlas of Special Stains - a guide to the staining patterns of our Special Stains.

ProductSDS (Safety Data Sheet)Size
For In Vitro Diagnostic UseAR162 Ready-to-useAcid Alcohol 1%
Carbol Fuchsin
Methylene Blue
50 tests
Product No. AR16292-2
100 tests
Product No. AR16211-2

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